Share offers, events, alerts, and posts on your Google My Business listings.

Vicinus lets you auto-schedule all of these notifications across all of your listings for multiple locations. The auto-scheduler makes this process easy and data input less tiresome for multi-location businesses.

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Add offers to business listings which automatically creates action buttons promoting conversions.

Additionally, in-store discounts across all business listings can be added to encourage foot traffic. Vicinus’s multi-listing auto-scheduler tool can highlight which business location your offers are relevant to.


Provide customers with information about upcoming events. Input times and dates, photos, and a link to the event.

Vicinus’s listing management tool can provide this service for all your business listing locations.


A new feature introduced during Covid-19, businesses share relevant updates such as temporary closures, changes in opening times, and more.

With Vicinus, you can schedule these alerts across all your business listing locations.


Update customers with business information via an image and caption post. Vicinus’s auto-scheduler enables these posts to be present on all your business listings.

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