Vicinus is an AI-powered hyperlocal marketing tool with a whole host of features to help you enhance your local presence online.

With the Vicinus tool, you can create and manage business listings across a multitude of online platforms, build and monitor the online reputation of your business and gain insight into how your business listings are performing. It even helps you build SEO-friendly location pages for each of your business locations.

How Covid Has Changed Reputation Management? |

One thing is certain. Covid-19 has pushed businesses to really pay attention to reputation management. In fact, it offered the perfect opportunity for companies to stand out by putting forward superlative shopping and customer service experiences. 

Why Online Business Listings are Crucial for Businesses? |

Business listings on local business directories may help to strengthen your brand profile because it not only limited to just the business name, address, and phone number rather it includes many contents like videos, photos, company logo, and many more...

Why Ratings and Reviews are Important for Your Business | Vicinus

Business owners are fast realizing the importance of Google reviews in giving customers a glimpse of business ratings. The more feedback you have, the better your brand’s customer engagement. This will also help you get the top spot in search rankings when prospects search for...

The Definitive Guide to Online Reputation Management |

First impressions are critical, but they are certainly not the last. Bear in mind that you always have the chance to manage what people are saying about you online by preparing an ORM strategy that includes the best practices...

How to Manage Reputation for the Retail Industry? | Vicinus

Whenever customers look for a retailer online, they usually search for the nearest outlet with the best ratings. So it’s important for your business to not only show up on Google but to have a solid rating, correct address,...

6 Best Ways to Follow Online Reputation Management Trends 2021 |

One must understand there is a big gap between complaints and trolls. Trolls are intentional, and their sole aim is to damage the company’s reputation. Thus, it is essential to identify them and give no attention any further.

How to Improve Reviews for Multiple-Location Businesses |

Also, input as many business details as possible about every unique location into Google, including their services. From operation hours to the 'about the business' section – every little information will help your multi-location business rank higher for any...

Top 10 Benefits of Reviews for Customers and Businesses |

 Online reviews influence your customers’ buying decisions and also help improve your product offering. Only when you receive honest feedback can you enhance your business. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of reviews for customers and businesses.

Reviews = Trust Building for Your Business |

First things first, in business, your reputation or image is everything! A study by Trustpilot shows that a staggering 90% of online shoppers have ditched purchasing from a brand simply because they lost trust due to its poor reputation.    So,...