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Published by admin on October 12, 2020

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The importance of site searching is such a necessary part of user experience on your website. With over 90% of all online experiences beginning with search, this is definitely an area that needs your focused attention.

It’s clear that listing basic information on your home page, alongside a few links and an FAQ page which isn’t updated regularly, just isn’t enough anymore.

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Making your Website Useful for Site Search

For your website to not only be easily accessible but also useful, to your customers, site search shouldn’t be just an afterthought in your mind.

This is because an astounding 65% of customers are now seeking information about businesses from their websites in 2020 alone.

 This statistic is even higher for some industries too. Your website’s information should be carefully considered and planned, with frequent updates and reviews.

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Updating and reviewing your Website for Site Search

You should ask yourself the following questions when updating the information on your website for searches:

  • Is my search function easily accessible?

  • Can I answer the basic questions my customers need to know?

  • More importantly, can I answer specific questions my customers need to know?

  • What about the language I use?

  • Are my keywords optimised for natural-sounding questions?

If the answer to the questions above is ‘no’, you may need to consider updating areas of your website.

If you ignore the questions above, you will inevitably miss out on opportunities to engage with your customers and even miss out on conversions as a result.

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Customers can Help Update your Website for Site Search

68% of customers have suggested that they won’t return to a website which provides a poor search experience.

Customers use natural language during their search, much like the language we would use when talking to one another.

However, you may be asking yourself: how do I know what questions my customers need answering on my website?

This is where monitoring queries and reviews on your website come in handy.

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Artificial intelligence powered image analysis ensures that the best business images are present, in order to maintain a great brand reputation | Vicinus

 Negative Reviews as Learning Opportunities

Reviews are a necessary part of increasing your brand trust as well as customer loyalty. They are a great way of monitoring your website alongside the products you sell too.

Negative reviews are fantastic opportunities to learn and grow your business.

 Vicinus can help you with your responses to reviews too. With machine learning-led sentiment analysis Vicinus gathers location-specific consumer insights and assists with review auto-respond to build customer trust in business.

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 Updating and Reviewing your Website for Site Search

In short, your website is only as good as your most recent update.

All the information on your website should be updated frequently, this is as important as ensuring your products are available to buy.

Without accurate information on your website, you’re less likely to convert customers.

Anticipating your customer’s needs creates a better experience for your site visitors.

Their journey starts, and possibly ends, with site search so make sure that you have updated, reviewed, and strengthened information on your website for site search.

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