Building a great business reputation begins with developing trust between your business and its customers.

Vicinus helps you to create relationships with customers by making it easy for you to engage with their reviews online using Machine Learning Technology and an Auto-Response feature.

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Increase Positive Reviews

More reviews mean building up trust and a higher chance of being chosen by potential customers.

Vicinus can increase online reviews by drawing from Customer Relationship System and from your website.

Review Monitoring & Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis

Improve customer trust and loyalty by monitoring reviews and responding appropriately.

Vicinus uses Machine Learning sentiment analysis to identify and respond to reviews appropriately. AI interprets whether a review is positive or negative by analysing the language used such as key phrases, people, brands, and events

Review Auto-Responder

Build trust and a great reputation by showing customers your business cares and values them by responding to their reviews.

Vicinus’s Auto-responder responds to customer reviews left on your business listings according to the sentiment data gathered via machine learning and the given star rating.

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