How to Improve Reviews for Multiple-Location Businesses |

Published by admin on April 22, 2021

Also, input as many business details as possible about every unique location into Google, including their services. From operation hours to the 'about the business' section – every little information will help your multi-location business rank higher for any...

Top 10 Benefits of Reviews for Customers and Businesses |

Published by admin on April 19, 2021

 Online reviews influence your customers’ buying decisions and also help improve your product offering. Only when you receive honest feedback can you enhance your business. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of reviews for customers and businesses.

Find Out How You Stack Up in the Local Search Landscape |

Published by admin on March 25, 2021

The local search landscape is competitive, there’s no doubting that. This means that optimising your business for local search is necessary in order to get your online customers to visit your physical locations.

How To Remove Duplicate Listings from Google My Business? |

Published by admin on February 15, 2021

For businesses with more than one location, managing your business listings can be a full-time occupation. This means that you can get all the help you need when it comes to keeping your business listings updated. Duplicate listings are...

How Can I Delete Negative Reviews on Google My Business? |

Published by admin on February 11, 2021

Reviews are a powerful tool in developing a local SEO strategy. With the potential customers being influenced by what previous customers have to say about your products and/or services, reviews can make or break your reputation. If you have received...

The Benefits of Local SEO for Local Business |

Published by admin on February 9, 2021

Whether your business is a restaurant, bank, cafe, or anything else, as long as it has a physical location, local SEO must play a critical role in ensuring that customers find your location. Although local businesses might find that focusing...

Vicinus: The ONLY Tool You Need for Local Search |

Published by admin on February 4, 2021

Local search is a very important marketing strategy to use when it comes to getting your physical location found.  SMALL BIZ TRENDS SUGGESTS THAT LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION CAN BE: ‘A subset of local area marketing includes local search marketing, also...

Why Did My Google My Business Listing Gets Suspended? |

Published by admin on January 22, 2021

Has your Google My Business Listing been suspended? There are quite a few common reasons why your Google My Business Listing has been suspended by Google. GMB is a significant component of many local marketing campaigns. This means that when...

Everything You Need To Know About Local Business Listings |

Published by admin on January 5, 2021

What Are Local Business Listings?  Local business listings (also known as local citations) are an integral part of building your local SEO. You may have heard of business directories such as Yelp, Google, Bing and others, but what are they?...