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Published by admin on October 30, 2020

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4 Types of Local Content to Boost Local Search Rankings | Vicinus.ai

Creating content is a great marketing strategy, especially when it comes to creating local content for your business’s website to books local search rankings.

This is because content van help your business rank higher on search engines for local search terms. An example of this is ‘Coffee Shops in London’.

Adding these localised and targeted content is such an effective way of creating a localised marketing strategy. However, it is sometimes quite difficult to know what type of local content you should write.

Below are some ideas of the types of local content you should be creating in order to boost search rankings in your local area.

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  1. Make sure that the NAP details are on the Footer of your Website for Local Search

This is essential. NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) enables your customers to find you which means that the information should be addressed exactly the same as it appears on your GMB (Google My Business), Bing Places and other online directories.

Adding this information to the footer of your website is a great way to start doing this. Not only is it an easy space to spot your business information, but it also helps to ensure that search engines can access this information too.

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2. Create a Reviews and/or Testimonials Page for Local Search

Reviews are powerful for attracting new customers as well as for retaining the loyalty of your current customers too. 

However, reviews also serve another purpose: they can also help your business rank in local search terms too. The best way to ensure that reviews add to your ranking is to include the customer’s first name, their initial of their last name and the city that they live in too.

Replying to reviews is imperative too. Vicinus can help with this because of their Machine learning for customer reviews. The machine learning-led sentiment analysis gathers location-specific consumer insights and assists with review auto-respond to build customer trust in business.

You can also use a review schema too.

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3. Create Location Pages for Each Business Location for Local Search

If your business has multiple locations, ensuring that each location features a location page that includes localised content can help your ranking in search engines.

Feature the individual NAP information for each business alongside other relevant business information too. 

Personalising information on each of these pages can be a nice touch too. Having a photo of the staff and optimising the Alt tags can humanise your brand and make it rank higher on search engines too. 

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4. Make sure that you have an Extensive FAQ Page on your Website

FAQ pages should be a piece of content that all websites contain. Not only are they an opportunity to answer the questions your real customers want to know, but its a great opportunity to add local content to your website too. 

If you’re unsure which questions to feature, you can always use AnswerThePublic for some recommendations on the questions to answer.

You can even leave a feedback form for your customer to ask questions and use these ones on your FAQ page too.

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