Find Out How You Stack Up in the Local Search Landscape |

Published by admin on March 25, 2021

The local search landscape is competitive, there’s no doubting that. This means that optimising your business for local search is necessary in order to get your online customers to visit your physical locations.

Google Maps and Apple Maps: Which is Best for Your Business? |

Published by admin on February 17, 2021

In the advent of localized searches, Google Maps and Apple Maps have changed the way customers find and explore businesses. However, although both Google Maps and Apple Maps have similar objectives, they are very different in the way they...

Vicinus: The ONLY Tool You Need for Local Search |

Published by admin on February 4, 2021

Local search is a very important marketing strategy to use when it comes to getting your physical location found.  SMALL BIZ TRENDS SUGGESTS THAT LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION CAN BE: ‘A subset of local area marketing includes local search marketing, also...

How Does Google’s Local Algorithm Work? |

Published by admin on January 21, 2021

Google’s ‘Local Algorithm’ is the formula Google uses to create the three-pack in search results. Google’s local algorithm then places it in the map pack. 

A Complete Guide to Local SEO |

Published by admin on January 20, 2021

There is no doubting the power of local SEO when it comes to businesses with physical locations.  An incredible: ‘Four out of Five Consumers use search to find local information about businesses near them’  This means that, if your business hasn’t considered...

Everything You Need To Know About Hyperlocal Marketing |

Published by admin on January 7, 2021

Like local marketing, which would limit searches to cities, districts, or regions, hyperlocal marketing is optimising searches for focused localities such as neighborhoods, towns, streets, and spots located near well-known landmarks. Although it may seem that advertisers who use ‘hyperlocal’...

Everything You Need To Know About Local Business Listings |

Published by admin on January 5, 2021

What Are Local Business Listings?  Local business listings (also known as local citations) are an integral part of building your local SEO. You may have heard of business directories such as Yelp, Google, Bing and others, but what are they?...

Local SEO Tips Service Area Businesses for 2021 |

Published by admin on January 4, 2021

With Covid-19 creating an ever-changing atmosphere for many businesses, it’s no wonder that local SEO is changing too. Promoting your physical brick-and-mortar brands can be difficult without an understanding of Google’s ever-changing guidelines. IT IS STILL AS IMPORTANT AS EVER WITH...

6 Local Search Marketing DIY Tips for the Crafting Industry |

Published by admin on December 23, 2020

The crafting industry is an ever-growing industry for both children and adults alike. From knitting and cross-stitch to edible arts and painting, crafting is a widespread hobby for many. This means that keeping ahead of the competition when it...