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Published by admin on November 4, 2020

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GMB Optimisation: How will my Business Benefit? | Vicinus

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

In short, GMB is a free web tool working to help businesses be found on Google Search when customers are searching for relevant local businesses. For example, ‘coffee shops near me’.

By optimising Google My Business, owners of local businesses can help improve their visibility as well as stand out from competitors too.

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GMB optimisation helps to:

  • Improve Foot traffic
  • Local SEO
  • Collecting reviews and responding to reviews
  • Business info can be found directly from the search engine
  • Marketing and communication tool for customer engagement
  • Google My Business Insights and its benefits for analytics
  • Free to use

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Can Google My Business Optimisation help my Visibility in Search Engines?

In terms of local search, GMB listings can help you achieve higher search ranking positions (SERP) for local businesses in your area.

This means that, no matter the size of your business, GMB allows you to compete with larger companies in ‘near me’ and category searches. This is because your business is not only more visible to customers. But it also makes your business information more accessible to potential customers too.

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Can Google My Business Optimisation help my Visibility on Google Maps?

When customers search for the relevant search terms of your business, such as ‘coffee shop near me’, as long as your address is listed on GMB, they will be able to find you on Google Maps. 

Having your business easily found on Google Maps not only helps the location of your business to be easily accessible, but it also makes your business more attractive and discoverable on search, which can drive more sales too.

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What are GMB Listings Local Pack?

The local pack is simply the first three business profiles that show up in Google Maps. These display crucial information and are the most optimised GMB listings created from the local search.

The information you need to include in your GMB listings are:

  • Opening hours
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Reviews
  • Relevant Category
  • Type of Business
  • An image of the business

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Do I need to optimise GMB Reviews?

Reviews are essential for your business, whether they are features on a website of Google My Business listing. They provide crucial information for your competitors as well as creating trust and showing customers that your business is approachable.

Shopify even suggests that:

93% of customers say that online reviews have influenced them in their buying decisions’

This is because many customers read reviews prior to purchase. One of the best ways to influence this is by responding to reviews, whether good or bad. 

Vicinus can help with this. Its machine learning-led sentiment analysis gathers location-specific consumer insights and assists with review auto-respond to build customer trust in business.

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What information should I display on my GMB listings?

To optimising GMB listings means that you must update and show real-time crucial business information for customers who are searching for you. 

This will help keep your customer updated with the latest information regarding your business. This is especially important during these difficult and ever-changing Covid times.

The information you should be showing on your listing is:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Recent images
  • Industry
  • Opening hours
  • Reviews
  • Website
  • Google My Business posts

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