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Published by admin on October 14, 2020

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Getting customers to discover your brand can be both easy and extremely difficult. However, if one avenue isn’t working for you, there are several ways you can get customers to discover your brand below. 

Below, we will take a look at the potential ways you can attract customers to your brand and market your business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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1.SEO is King

If SEO isn’t a fundamental part of developing your discovery online, it should be.

SEO was, and remains, a hugely important part of helping your brand to be found via search. However, SEO techniques are constantly changing, which means that you must be constantly making sure that your SEO techniques are correct for your website.

Having plenty of content on your website is one of the fundamental parts of your SEO technique. These can be informative product descriptions as well as blog posts. Understanding user keyword intent will help with this too.

2.Advertising on TV for Customers

Although the online video is surpassing TV, it is still an effective way of building brand recognition. It’s a proven advertising platform and is still very effective when it comes to increasing your brand’s discovery.

This is mostly because TV gives you a large audience to advertise to. However, you must make sure that this audience is your target audience as figures can vary depending on age.

TV is perfect advertising for older generations.

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3.Testimonials and Recommendations from Customers

MarketingChart suggests that 78 percent of customers see recommendations from friends and family as a trusted source of brand information.

Spreading recommendations using the five techniques below: 

  • Branded Hashtags: This is a great way for customers to share information.
  • Reviews: The power of having good reviews is a great way of showing the quality of your products and the reputation of your brand.
  • Community: Creating a community around your brand can create free recommendations for the business.
  • Social Media: Recommendations on comments or across social media is a great way of making your brand found by a wide variety of suitable audiences.
  • GMB (Google My Business): A reputable and easy space for your brand to be found on.

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4.Social Media Ads

We’ve talked about TV advertising above, so let’s now talk about social media advertising. 

Build your brand’s discoverability by having dynamic social media ads that are relevant to your target audience and personalised.

However, social media ads also have other benefits too. These types of ads are able to degenerate sales right in the ads themselves. This means that they are able to sell your product at the same time as making your brand discovered. Win-win.

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5.Website Optimisation

It’s no massive surprise that many customers discover your brand via your website. Hook your customers by making sure your website is optimised and demonstrate to them what you provide.

Below is a list of a few things you should definitely consider having on your website:

  • Unique selling proposition
  • Showcase your product 
  • Show how they solve a problem in your customer’s life
  • Easy to navigate
  • Social proof
  • Professional appearance

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6.Optimise for Customer’s Mobiles

Mobile phone usage has grown exponentially over the past few years. This means that to discovering your customers online you must make sure that your content and website are optimised for mobile use.

As mobile advertising evolves, always be ready to jump on the newest mobile advertising trend.

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