A Guide to Link Building with Google Alerts | Vicinus.ai

Published by admin on December 9, 2020

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A Guide to Link Building with Google Alerts | Vicinus.ai

Link building is hard at the best of times. Having other website owners link to your site using pitched can be difficult to complete successfully. Even seasoned marketers can have trouble doing this. After all, link building is relationship building.

This can therefore be a time-extensive strategy and take up hours of your time to build these high-quality organic links. Although this is worthwhile, there are other means of link-building too.

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Fresh Mention Link Building

In SEO, fresh mention opportunities are great for your business. These are typically mentions of your brand name, products, or even target keywords that don’t actually link to your website. 

Although fresh mentions are typically easy to obtain, usually they only require a <a href> tag in the code, there are other ways to obtain fresh mentions too.

Google Alerts is one of these ways.

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Google Alerts for Link Building: How do I set up Google Alerts?

You need to firstly choose the correct link for your business. Make sure you first have a Gmail account and then simply go on the ‘Alerts’ page. 

For simple alerts, just type in a phrase into the bar at the top, and then you will have an automatic alert made.

You have to then choose the email address you want the alert to be sent to. Below this, there will be examples of these alerts for whatever query you have decided to use.

Click ‘create alert’ and you’re done.

However, if you’re wanting to create a more advanced Google Alert system, click ‘show options’. From here, you will be able to change your alert settings depending on the country, timezone etc. that is relevant to your business.

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Google Alerts for Link Building: Tips & Tricks

Using Quotation Marks

Using quotation marks in your Google Alerts for link building can help you make sure alerts are only made for the exact phrase you want and nothing irrelevant to this. 

Setting Up Multiple Google Alerts

For more than one alert, you should be considering the following:

  • Brand name
  • Products or services
  • Your focus keywords
  • Personalities/competitors associated with your brand
  • Common misspellings of your brand/keywords associated with your brand

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Customer Engagement with Vicinus

Vicinus supports the auto-scheduling of offers, events, alerts, and posts on your Google My Business listings for multiple locations.

An efficient and valuable time-saver, the auto-scheduler ensures your customers are engaged and aware of business updates.

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