Local SEO Packages: which one is right for you?

Published by Daisy on July 22, 2020

Blog titled 'Local Seo Packages: which one is right for you'

How to decide which Local SEO package is right for you:

Because there are so many different local SEO packages out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. The first and most important step to making this important decision is to look at your business and consider these three things:

1. The size of your business. Are you a small, single location business? A larger multiple location business? Or even a large enterprise? The size of your business and the number of locations you have will, of course, determine which local SEO package will be of the most benefit for your business. 

2. The end object that you want to achieve. Do you simply want to amplify your local presence online?  Or perhaps you want a real local SEO boost and require AI technology to help you.  Some multi-location businesses struggle because they do not have SEO friendly location pages. Therefore, they may need a package including store locator page building. A store locator page will help customers find all your business locations in local search and, more specifically, the closest one to them.  On the other hand, if your business is in need of a more committed approach to local presence improvement, it will require a more thorough local SEO package which specifically targets optimisation. This will help drive traffic, both to your website and your physical business location.

 3. The current state of your local presence online.  Examine your current local presence online. Are you showing up in local search results for your industry and targeted keywords? Do you already have a Google My Business listing for your business? Also, consider where your business is listed online on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp. Have you listed your business on enough of these online platforms? If you are a multi-location business, do you have listings for each and every business location? Finally, are all your listings accurate, consistent, and up-to-date? Depending on your answer to all these questions, you might need to consider different types of local SEO packages. You can check all of this with a free online presence or business listings report. Vicinus can provide you with a thorough review, or, alternatively, you can use a free tool online like the Moz Online Presence Checker

What different packages are on offer?

After you have answered these questions about your business, it is time to consider all the different local SEO packages which are on offer. Here are some great local SEO packages to consider:


CompanyLocal SEO Packages
  • Our hyperlocal marketing platform is available for all different business sizes and accounts for many different business objectives and needs. 
  • Our Vicinus Assured package caters specifically to local SEO and local search optimisation, however, our other packages can also help to amplify your presence in local search in many different ways.
  • A service-based local SEO package that helps you to stand out in local search, improving your local search ranking with optimisation techniques. This offer is done by quote. 
  • If you want to track your local search ranking, Synup’s local SEO  package will be great for you. You can monitor your ranking position and generate reports to analyse your performance in local search results. 
  • The local SEO packages available with Brightlocal are already helpfully split into single, multi-location, and enterprise options for you.
  • In addition, BrightLocal also has a pro version of its local SEO package which provides more audits and reports. 
Strategy Beam
  • This company is focused specifically on improving your local search visibility with a designated local SEO package which helps you with keyword optimisation. 


Vicinus Packages:

If you are interested in our hyperlocal marketing platform and the local SEO benefits it can offer, we have multiple packages available including a Standard package, an AI Plus package, an Enterprise Package, and of course, our Vicinus Assured package. Here is a breakdown of the packages we have available and what they include:

Chart displaying different packages available with hyperlocal marketing tool Vicinus

Head to our website to book a product demo, request a free listing report and find out more about Vicinus and our different packages. Additionally, feel free to reach out and email us also at contact@vicinus.ai.

That was our take on finding the right Local Seo package for you! 

Hopefully, we have helped provide some insight into the different options out there and you now have a better understanding of what your business needs.


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