Vicinus AI is Revolutionising Local Search Engine Marketing

Published by Daisy on July 28, 2020

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Vicinus AI is Revolutionising Local Search Engine Marketing

Vicinus, our hyperlocal marketing platform, utilises revolutionary AI to help businesses with their local search engine marketing. The platform combines several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features.

These include sentiment analysis, Google My Business image analysis and duplicate listing detection. But what does that actually mean and what do these tools do?

What is ML-led sentiment analysis and how can it help?

Machine Learning-led sentiment analysis is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that uses machine learning to gather insights about relationships and sentiment within text. 

Vicinus uses Amazon Comprehend AI Technology to identify and learn the sentiment in language such as positive reviews vs negative reviews or positive interactions with customer service.

About Amazon Comprehend:

Amazon Comprehend is a Natural Language Processing service or a NLP. It uses machine learning technology to identify relationships and meaning in text. Amazon Comprehend searches for and analyses sentiments, parts of speech and tokenization amongst large pieces of text.

This helps you understand your unstructured data. By looking at the language of the text, searching for key phrases, people, brands and events, Amazon Comprehend can gather insights about customer sentiment. With this technology, you can learn whether your customers are happy, angry, sad, or satisfied with their experience with your business. 

How Can Vicinus Help My Reviews With AI?

Vicinus, therefore, can provide location-specific consumer insights and even allows you to automate responses with the incorporated review auto-responder too. You can tailor your auto-responses to correlate with both the sentiment and the given rating.

For example, if a customer leaves a five-star review, you can generate an automatic grateful and positive response. 

Contrastingly, if a customer leaves a one-star review, you can send an automatic apologetic and corrective response. This AI feature is a revolutionary local search engine marketing tool because it allows you to show both current and potential customers that your business is attentive, responsive and considerate. 

Talk to one of our Vicinus experts to find out more about how this AI technology can help you optimize your business for local search.

What about AI Google My Business Image Analysis? 

When you claim your business on Google My Business (GMB), external users are able to upload and add their own images to your listing. These images can often be irrelevant or reflect poorly on your business.

Therefore, you need to monitor these images to ensure your business reputation is not compromised. Vicinus allows you to do this automatically using Google’s Cloud Vision API technology. 


About Google’s Cloud Vision API:

This AI technology derives insights from images by automatically detecting objects and their locations inside those pictures. It uses intelligence to identify text, different expressions, and entities within images. Then,  it classifies the images into categories and assigns each a label. This technology can recognise a sad facial expression and understand that it is distinct and different from a happy one. Similarly, Vision API can detect the difference, for instance, between a building and an animal. 

Vicinus utilises this technology to monitor the images uploaded to GMB so you can ensure only the best business images are present. This element of local search engine marketing makes sure your business maintains a great brand reputation.

Finally, what is Duplicate Detection AI and how can it help you optimise for local search?

Vicinus also utilises duplicate detection AI to help you with your local search engine marketing. Duplicate detection is a form of business listing management. When you register your business online on different platforms, like Google, Facebook and Yelp you may accidentally create duplicate listings.

This usually happens when a listing has already been created on the site by an external user. Or sometimes, duplicate listings occur when instead of editing and updating business information on current listings, businesses create brand new listings but don’t remove the old ones.

This leads to inaccurate, inconsistent, and unreliable consumer-facing information which hinders brand reputation and trust. 

Vicinus uses AI duplicate detection technology to identify and locate duplicate listings on the web. It then gives you the choice to remove, ignore, or edit these listings. Managing these duplicate listings will aid your local search engine marketing and improve business local search performance. 

What Next?

Click here or contact us to find out more about Vicinus and how it is using AI to assist businesses with their local search engine marketing. 

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