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Published by admin on September 30, 2020

Developing a trustworthy reputation online may seem easy in the advent of our online world. However, it may be suffering if you don’t make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of how to build a good reputation online.

In fact, the Entrepreneur even suggests that having a good reputation ‘is always important’ and ‘could make or break your business’.

So, take a look below for our top ways you can build a good reputation online for your business:

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  1. Social Media Presence Reputation Online

One of the most important aspects of building a good reputation for your business is via social media.

Just having a presence on social media unfortunately doesn’t cut it anymore.

You have to engage with your customers on a regular and consistent basis, this means that you also have to communicate in both a professional as well as in a human way.

Keeping your social media presence professional as part of a business, whilst developing a ‘down-to-earth’ approach to replying to your customers is one of the best ways of developing your reputation on social media.

Communicating with your audience is not only a great way of boosting the engagement of your posts, but it’s also a brilliant way to communicate honestly with your customers. This is perfect for developing a good relationship and reputation online.

Social media is called social media for a reason after all!

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2. Reviews and Reputation Online

Let’s be honest, reviews matter.

Perhaps one of the easiest, and hardest, ways to build a good reputation online, reviews matter whether they are good or bad.

Good reviews provide a rich source of information for potential customers to not only view the quality of your product but also see first-hand how your product has impacted them.

Bad reviews are also a necessary part of building a good online reputation too. Making sure that any negativity is addressed can work to even sometimes resolve the problem.

Or, it can also show the customer, and other customers, that you care about their opinions and their concerns.

Vicinus can provide machine learning-led sentiment analysis which gathers location-specific consumer insights and assists with review auto-respond to build customer trust in business.

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3. Engaging with Customers

The most important thing to focus on for your brand is to ensure that you have an active presence online. 

As mentioned above, replying to reviews, commenting on posts, and responding to posts are all fantastic ways to build an engaged audience. As your engagement and audience grow, as will your reputation online.

Just remember to engage with your audience in an authentic way.

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4. Check your Brand’s Online Reputation

Checking how your brand’s reputation is received online is crucial to developing a good online presence.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using our AI-powered check on brand reputation which analyses business images to maintain a great brand reputation.

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For more information, please don’t hesitate to book a free demo with us here.

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