Marketing During Covid |

Published by admin on December 17, 2020

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Marketing During Covid |

Marketing during Covid has changed dramatically. In the past few months, the ever-changing atmosphere of the pandemic has changed the way businesses work, as well as how marketing works too. 

Greener suggests that:

“Every advertiser should have a local advertising budget dedicated to driving business on the ground…This type of methodology is as important for corporate marketing as it is for local store owners on the ground level; don’t wait for local franchisee to raise the flag if they aren’t seeing/feeling support.”

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What’s changed in the Business World Since Covid?

With a worldwide pandemic sweeping through our countries, it’s no wonder that the way the world operates has changed. Although some industries have seen an increase in their sales, others have been experiencing a very troubling time.

Some of the industries which have seen negative ramifications of Covid are:

  • Restaurants
  • Beauty 
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • & more.

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So, what should we do about Marketing During Covid?

There are three main ways that we would recommend you to approach your marketing techniques during these difficult times. 

1. Examine the Channels & Focus on Important Ones

Whichever channels you are using for your marketing, during Covid, you must ensure that you are focusing on the most popular and most important channels. Focus on whether they are ROI-positive and look at this on a trending basis. 

For the channels which are ROI-positive, make sure that you are using your marketing budget for this. This will ensure that your business is focused on the right areas and investing in the right areas during these uncertain times.

2. Time to Talk ‘Near me’ Searches During Covid

Now is the time to invest in the ‘near me’ search. With businesses opening up again throughout the world, getting found in local searches is a necessary part of your marketing strategy.

Getting discovered in the top 3 map pack in Google will be the best way to gain customers to your physical store. 

But why are local searches so important? Check out our blog post below for more information:

10 Facts Why Local Searches Are Important

This means that optimising your GMB profile during this time is imperative to get found. 

vicinus local seo

This is where Vicinus can help you. Vicinus is an AI-powered hyperlocal marketing tool that will enhance your local presence online. The Vicinus platform features real-time management and the creation of business listings across multiple platforms. Additionally, insights into performance, building and monitoring online reputation, and more. For full local optimisation, Vicinus also assists in creating SEO-friendly location pages for each of your business locations.

For more information, please contact us on

3. Keep Your Customers Updated on Covid Restrictions

Glen view suggests that:

‘If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that in the digital age, even when we can’t be together physically, we are still connected. By migrating towards a more digital future, you will be able to connect with your local audience on a deeper, more meaningful level as the pandemic plays out.’

This means that keeping your customers updated on your business is essential. Whether this is through social media updates, business listings such as GMB or others, your customers have to know what is going on in your business.

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