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Published by admin on October 23, 2020

Search is a necessary part of any online queries, with even a total of 90% of customers suggesting that they use search at every stage of their journey.

There are a variety of search platforms where these types of searches come from such as Google, Bing, voice searches, and even apps too. 

This has even increased this year due to the changes brought by COVID-19 and the increases in organic search.

This means that it should be a massive part of your digital strategy, and should be the most critical issue for your brand.

Below are just 4 reasons why search is the most critical issue for your brand this year:

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1. COVID-19 has changed the way customers search

The unprecedented times which COVID-19  has brought has not only changed the way we currently live our lives, but it has also changed customer’s queries and the way they conduct their search too.

Many customers want to know how stores are operating under the ever-changing COVID-19 rules. Additionally, how they have responded to the crisis and their new revised opening times.

As customers are searching for this information more and more frequently, your brand needs to be delivering updated and accurate information.

Vicinus can help with this. With real-time management of all your locations from one easy-to-use platform, Vicinus can help customers find only up-to-date and consistent information about your brand.

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2. Queries impact customer’s trust in your business

As stated above, customers are more likely to be searching for answers to their questions surrounding your business online than ever.

If these answers are not readily available on your website or business listings, this can lead to a breakdown in customer trust and your relationship with your customers too.

This means that delivering accurate information surrounding your business is vital to building a relationship with your customers. Edelman Trust even suggested that 57% of customers trust brands based on how the brand treats them when they need help.

Addressing customer’s questions like this works to add value to your brand. This gives the essential information they need and building trust at the same time.

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3. Customers searching on websites for information

Although customers frequently use search engines for queries regarding businesses and products, they are also using site searching too. Website searching has even shown to be 1.8% more effective at producing sales conversions too.

This means that neglecting website search is effectively halting your sales via your website.

Website searches should not be separate from search engines. Businesses should be working to create a holistic digital strategy when it comes to optimisation.

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4. Organic search is important for customers

Building a large source of information relating to your business is necessary to build your organic search. This is because customers rely on businesses to provide them with a source of information more and more frequently.

Organic search also sets businesses up for future success, working to create a solid base for customer queries.

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