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How to Show Up in Business Listings Near Me |

Making sure your business shows up in near me searches is important in order to be found online by a local audience. Business listings near me are the best way to show up in geographically local searches. 

The rise in popularity of the ‘near me’ search has increased exponentially over the years. These are usually local searches such as ‘mural artist near me’ or coffee shop near me’.

There are quite a few factors that play into these business listings near me.  Below, there are eight ways to improve your business’s local search results.

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Update Google’s Local Business Listings Near Me Page

Improving your visibility in Google searches is a long process, but the first step you must take is to allow your business to show in Google Local Business.

After creating your Google My Business profile, your business will show up in ‘near me’ searches in the map pack. However, this is only if your GMB page is optimised.

Showing up in business listings near me is as simple as going  to and click “Start Now.”

There are a few ways in which you can optimise your Google My Business listings near me:

  • Using custom profile images relevant to your business
  • Using consistent brand names
  • Use a useful URL connected to your website
  • Make sure your grammar is correct (this includes capitalization)
  • Leave our legal terms such as LLC and Inc.
  • Verify your business with Google
  • Make sure that your GMB profile features reviews (and that these reviews are responded to)

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Use Customer Feedback for Business Listings Near me

Influencing near me search results isn’t just about having a completed business listing. Having appropriate and authentic reviews is a sure-fire way to make potential customers trust your business. 

With your GMB profile, Google makes it easy for customers to review a business

Having reviews on your Google My Business profile is necessary as Google places greater weight on these reviews than on reviews from other sites, such as Yelp and other types of review sites. 

Vicinus can help with this. Vicinus assists with monitoring reviews through machine learning sentiment analysis. Additionally, an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) increases review quantity.

Monitoring reviews and interacting with customers will help increase brand trust, conversions, and user actions.

For more information, check out our website.

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Display Your Business Name, Address & Phone Number to Show Up in Business Listings Near Me

The Business Name, Address & Phone Number is known as NAP data. The best way to use NAP data is to use accurate and updated data across your business listings near me.

Not only should you be using NAP data on your Business listings, but it should also be used on your website too. 

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Check for NAP Consistency Across the Web

Not only is this important so that your customers can find the correct information about your business, but it also helps with Google searches too. 

Incorrect- or inconsistent- information about your business can confuse Google and it will be less likely for your business to show up in business listings near me.

Again, with Vicinus, you can check and correct these inconsistencies. Vicinus works to simultaneously refine business listing information across multiple platforms. 

This helps you to remove inconsistencies and keep business listings updated by making quick edits all at once.

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Using a Schema for Feature Events in SERPs

Using schema markup, you can feature and organize events in your local search results for business listings near me. 

This is because updating your schema markup builds up your business’s credibility and widens your market at the same time. Therefore, Google can recommend your business more frequently in local near me results for location0based queried for example ‘events happening near me’. 

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Utilising Photos in Business Listings Near Me

Although this may seem like an obvious step, using photos in your business listings is crucial to gaining your customer’s trust and potentially their sale too. 

Using photos in your business listings is not just a matter of using high resolution and quality images. Utilising keywords is also a great way of helping your listings show up in localized searches in Google. 

Make sure that you’re using target keywords in the text you use on your website as well as the file names and tags of every photograph too. 

Vicinus can help to identify problem images in your business listings. You can monitor all images uploaded to Google My Business Listings and identify poor quality visuals with Vicinus’s AI Image Analysis. 

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Creating a Mobile-friendly Website

Over the past five years, mobile searches have grown increasingly popular. Some surveys even suggest that 17% of small businesses with websites do not have a mobile-friendly version.

This means that ensuring that your business has a website that is mobile-friendly is imperative to get found in local ‘near me’ searches.

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Having Different Web Pages for Each Business Location

For businesses with multi-locations, having different web pages for each location can increase their overall ranking and traffic.

Vicinus’s Local Store Pages help your business show up in ‘near me’ searches and direct your customers to SEO friendly location pages without any detour. Pages seamlessly integrate with your website via your own domain and include configurable add-ons such as location-specific reviews, offers, directions, contact forms, e-commerce modules, and more. 

For more information, either visit our website or contact us below!

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Published by admin on January 19, 2021