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Google My Business has gone through many changes between 2020-2021. Due to the unexpected circumstances arising since the global Covid-19 pandemic, GMB is launching new features frequently.

From new features to fixing previous bugs with listings, GMB has adapted and evolved during coronavirus.

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1. GMB Posts (January 2020)

In January last year, Google My Business had major issues with rejections of their post feature with no apparent cause.

Metro shoes Gmb listing featuring GMB photos

See below for some of the various reasons why posts were getting rejected:

Although this issue was resolved, it made January difficult for SEO assistants to keep updated on their profiles. 


2. Google My Business Adding ‘Suggested Categories’ Section to GMB Products

Although it is still up for debate whether this addition impacts ranking, it still can impact conversions. 

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3. Google My Business Adding Covid-Related Features in March

With the rise of infections due to Covid, businesses were highly affected in March. GMB was updated with various features to help businesses during this uncertain time:

  1. Shutting off the ability for businesses to receive new reviews and Q&A
  2. Adding the option to report a location as “Temporarily Closed”
  3. Disabling new photos uploaded by customers
  4. Adding a COVID-19 Google Post type

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4. Google My Business Added Telehealth Appointment and Covid Links

With coronavirus steadily sweeping the globe, GMB stepped up its measures to help businesses during this period. 

gmb created two new link options below:
  • Covid-19 info link
  • Telehealth info link
This is what they look like on mobile-view:

These additional links helped businesses to prioritise their covid safety measures to their customers. This keeps them updated on everything going on in their business world.

5. Google My Business Adds ‘More Hours’ Option

This is a great feature to use when businesses are open for only specific hours (for example as a reaction to increased use of click & collect).

However, this feature seems important in a post-covid world too, so hopefully will remain as part of GMB’s ‘normal’ features.

6. Google My Business Adding Performance Metrics to Direct Edit Experience

Having metrics available for GMB profiles is a great way for GMB page managers to make educated edits to the business listings to direct edit experience.

With this feature, you can get data from six months previous in the direct edit experience. Whereas within the GMB dashboard, only three months of data is available.

7. GMB  Covid Health and Safety Attributes

With the beginning of the pandemic, GMB launched new features to help businesses cope with covid measures. GMB, therefore, has introduced new coronavirus-related health and safety attributes. These were launched in September.

Select this from the ‘info’ tab on the GMB dashboard below.

This feature is very useful for businesses trying to attract new customers who may be uncertain of the safety measures in place for stores. It is also viewable on both mobile and desktop as well as in Google Maps and Google search too.

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Final Thoughts?

GMB will continue to update features (now and post-coronavirus) so it’s always best to keep updated on the new releases. Many of these updates are only available for certain categories of GMB. However, it’s always worth taking a look before you update listings.

If you have multiple locations, Vicinus can help with updating your GMB profiles in a quick and easy way. 

Vicinus supports the management of business listings online from one central platform.

Controlling and keeping track of all consumer-facing information ensures businesses appear in local and “near me” searches.

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Published by admin on January 13, 2021