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Google My Business is considered one of the most essential sources of visibility for local businesses. The business listing can help your local business get found online in ‘near me’ searches. This means that getting clicks to Google My Business is key to getting local businesses found by potential customers.

However, the question is: How Do I Get More Clicks to Google My Business? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than you think. From attributes to posts, photos, reviews, and more, Google My Business is a complicated business listing to optimize for localised searches.

Below we will investigate how to get more clicks to Google My Business through easy changes.

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Utilising Questions & Answers to Get Clicks to Google My Business

Although having a Google My Business profile is useful in itself, the best way to get more clicks to your Google My Business listing is to get engaged customers to interact with your listing. 

One of the ways in which you can do this is to utilise the Q&A feature. This will not only help customers engage with your business online and get any queries resolved by an informed member of your team, but it will also make your listing more helpful too. By having a detailed Q&A section on your GMB listing, potential customers can have their questions answered and will maybe even encourage them to visit your website for more information on the subject.

Using Fresh Photos for Engagement

Although new photos won’t necessarily increase the engagement from your customers like a Q&A will, they will make your GMB profile more clickable. This is because fresh photos can add a dynamic look to your Google My Business page, working to get your customers interested in your business listing.

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Use Unique Attributes to Get Clicks to Google My Business

Depending on the type of business listing you have, there will be different attributes associated with your industry and what your business needs as a result. Utilising everything that Google has provided your business with is a great way of creating more clicks to your business listing. 

For example, if you own a restaurant, Google My Business will allow your business listing to feature a menu. Making sure that you’re taking advantage of these features is key to get clicks to Google My Business.

Utilising Posts to Stand Out from Competitors

 Another one of these attributes is Google Posts. Although Google posts aren’t a ranking factor, they do make your GMB profile look better and stand out from your competitor’s business listings. This means that your GMB profile is more likely to be clicked by potential customers than other GMB profiles.

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 Using Visuals to Get Clicks to Google My Business

Much like you would in your physical store, focusing on a solid visual in your Google My Business profile gets more clicks. This is because using coherent visuals helps you to use every inch of digital real estate you have. This helps to attract your customers.

One way to think about your visuals is to find out what you need to communicate with your potential customers and to display it. This means that ensuring that you have no visuals that aren’t relevant on your GMB profile is necessary. However, also ensuring that the images that you do have are both rich and helpful to your audience is key to getting clicks too.

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Steve Wiideman (President, Wiideman Consulting Group) suggests that GMB photos are incredibly important to your business’s image. He suggests that:

When it comes to improving appearance in Google Maps, image is everything. Literally, a business’s photos can make or break a potential user action. Monitoring and managing photos that appear in search results should be a weekly, possibly even daily, task.’

This is especially important for businesses with more than one location too. Wiideman suggests:

For multi-location brands, one test of replacing a default store image with local store images increased listing engagement by greater than 20%.’

This is where Vicinus can help you. With Vicinus’s AI-Photo Checker,  you can monitor all images uploaded to Google My Business Listings. You can identify poor quality visuals with Vicinus’s AI Image Analysis. 

For more information, please visit our website here. 

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 Get Clicks to Google My Business by Responding to Reviews

Reviews are such an important part of growing your online presence. Our previous blog post ‘How to Build a Good Reputation Online | Vicinus.ai’ suggests that:

Developing a trustworthy reputation online may seem easy in the advent of our online world. However, it may be suffering if you don’t make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of how to build a good reputation online.’

Having reviews means that your business is more likely to be seen in the small snippets in Google Maps results. This increases the likelihood of your business listing getting clicks from potential customers. The more reviews you have, the better and a score in the sweet spot of 4.3-4.6 is even better too!

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Vicinus can help with reviews too. Improve customer trust and loyalty by monitoring reviews and responding appropriately.

Vicinus uses Machine Learning sentiment analysis to identify and respond to reviews appropriately. AI interprets whether a review is positive or negative by analysing the language used.

For more information, please get in touch with us below!

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Published by admin on February 23, 2021