Re-opening: 4 ways hyperlocal marketing can help

Published by Daisy on August 5, 2020

Re-opening: 4 ways hyperlocal marketing can help blog. Photo shows someone searching the blog title on a laptop in Google

Hyperlocal marketing is the perfect marketing strategy for businesses now that the lockdown restrictions are easing and the re-opening phase is starting. Enhancing your online presence and discoverability will help potential customers find your business and see that it is welcoming customers back through their doors.

Here are 4 ways in which hyperlocal marketing can help your business during re-opening:

  1. Check and Update Listings with re-opening information

If you have closed your business during the lockdown, it is likely you had to change your business information online to reflect that. However, now you are re-opening your business, it is important to update that information. Customers during the re-opening phase will be unsure which businesses are open and when. They will turn to search engines to find that information and perform hyperlocal searches. Updating your business listings across all your platforms and locations will help let customers know that you are open again. Tell customers about new one way systems and the Track and Trace system by updating your business listings online. 

Google My Business listing for Metro Shoes India

  1. Engage with customer questions,  reviews, and feedback 

To enhance your local presence online, it is important to respond to customer reviews and feedback left on your listings. Whether these reviews are positive or negative, this will show customers that your business is responsive and attentive. Not only this but responding to reviews will help increase your listing’s ranking position on search engines.  Engaging with reviews makes your business appear professional and encourages customers to choose your business over competitors. You can also utilise the Questions and Answers feature on platforms such as Google My Business. This allows you to answer any questions searchers may have about the way your business is handling re-opening. 

Google Reviews for Hertz London Golders Green


  1. Build or update location pages with re-opening information

For multi-location businesses, store locator pages and individual location landing pages can help improve your online discoverability. Especially during re-opening, having these pages on your business website will increase the likelihood of customers visiting your business. By having individual location pages, you can provide information about which business locations have re-opened and their opening times.  If you already have these pages on your site, now is the time to update them.  Check out these store location pages we built with Vicinus! 

Metro Shoes India Store Locator. Banner on website. Box to search for location on picture of products.

Metro Shoes All Store Locations on website.

  1. Schedule offers, posts, events, and alerts on GMB

To let your customers know that your business is once again open for business, make use of Google My Business offers, post, events and alerts. (Learn more about GMB posts here. ) Using Google My Business, you can share promotional offers on your GMB listings. You can also promote events, such as workshops or sales, and push alerts with news about your business. Google My Business Posts also allow you to share status-like updates with Google searchers to create engagement. These features will help to improve your online presence in local search results.  Our blog post on GMB features can help you understand this better. 

Metro Shoes Google My Business Post screenshot showcasing footwear delivery concept during covid.

Vicinus: A  hyperlocal marketing platform

Vicinus is a hyperlocal marketing platform that can help your business with all of the above and much more.  Managing your business listings with Vicinus is easy with all your listings for all locations across multiple platforms accessible and modifiable from one place. Within our Vicinus software, you can utilise Machine Learning-led sentiment analysis to gain location-specific consumer insights and auto-respond to reviews with our review auto-responder tool.  Additionally, you can auto-schedule promotional offers on your listings across multiple platforms, monitor business images online using AI technology, and even protect your listing data against external alterations. If you are a multi-location business, Vicinus can publish and manage multiple location listings for you, as well as create and optimise Store-Locator and location pages that smoothly integrate with your business website. 

In summary, Vicinus can handle all your hyperlocal marketing needs during re-opening. 

Click here or contact us to find out more about Vicinus and how it can help your business. 

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