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Published by admin on October 5, 2020

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Coronavirus is a pandemic that has swept the globe this year and is officially considered a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation).

From the shutting of physical stores to an increase in demand for look rolls and other products, the disruptive impact of coronavirus is felt across the globe. 

With these major changes, there have also been major changes to digital marketing and the way it’s used in sales.

Below we work through some of the ways digital marketing has changed in the advent of coronavirus and some tips and tricks on how to use this to your advantage.

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How has coronavirus changed the consumer?

The pandemic has led to an increase in people being indoors. Lifestyles have changed and shifted towards surfing the web.

With this, catering to ‘sofa surfers’ has become the norm and a more deliberate shopping habit has increased. 

How has coronavirus changed marketing?

With a change in consumer behaviour, marketers have had to adapt their practices too. 

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1.Short-term adaptations

Adapting short-term marketing strategy is necessary during these changing times. Even 61% of marketers have altered their short-term marketing plans in some form.

This could be a swap from offline media to online media as a result of a more indoor way of life. 

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2. Flexible approach to marketing

Moving to more flexible channels has been necessary during these times of COVID due to budget cuts and various other problems that have arisen during the pandemic.

Content marketing such as an increase in social media, online videos, and digital display ads has increased. This is in order to increase the visibility of brands and let customers know about their new opening times, store rules, etc.

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3.Less out-of-home advertising

With a more indoor approach to lifestyles on the rise, out-of-home advertising such as billboards, flyers, etc. has decreased as they have lower exposure. 

However, digital marketing has overtaken this- even before COVID- in order to let customers know about promotions and opening times. 

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How should I change my digital marketing strategy during coronavirus?

  1. Keep an eye out for opportunities

With a change in consumer activity, there should be a change in marketing strategy.

Making sure that you’re on the lookout for opportunities during this time is essential to adapting your marketing strategy during coronavirus. 

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2. Focusing on your digital presence

With consumers spending more and more time online due to WFH (work from home) and even unfortunately redundancies, online presence has never been more necessary. 

This means that business listings are an important factor to not only secure your online presence. But they also provide necessary updates about physical stores and new opening times, rules, etc. 

Vicinus allows you to publish listings across multiple platforms. The software also allows you to create citations and publish data across search engines, maps, apps, social networks, online directories, and data aggregators. 

This makes your business more visible to customers and can convey vital information too.

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3. New customer needs

Coronavirus has now changed what the customer needs. Adapting to these new customer needs is very necessary right now.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is my target audience’s emotional context?
  • Can I change anything to make it easier for the customers?
  • What new information do they need to know?

What can I conclude from this?

Coronavirus has changed the world, as well as the world of marketing too. 

However, there are always opportunities and adaptations you can make to your marketing strategy in order to help your customers during these trying times.

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