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Published by admin on October 7, 2020


Claiming and optimising GMB (Google My Business) creates a strong impression on potential customers that your business is active and trustworthy.

This allows your business to rank higher in the search engine for searches in your industry which is more likely to attract potential customers. 

GMB listings also allow for your business to show on Google’s “local pack” of map listings too.

This increases your chances of appearing in Google’s ‘near me’ searches for a more accurate and active listing.

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Our top six benefits of optimising your GMB account are:

1.Manage your online information

Managing your online information is crucial to allow you to provide the information that your potential customers need when they search for you, or your industry, on Google. 

Managing your information via GMB and verifying it also means that your business is twice as likely to be considered by customers.

This may be because they have the information that they need in order to find your business online. For example your business name, address, and telephone numbers, etc. 

However, this also could be because having a GMB listing gives credibility to your business, working to build trust for your customers.


2. Responding to GMB Reviews

By claiming your GMB listing, you are also able to respond to any reviews posted there. 

Responding to reviews is crucial to building your online presence. Whether negative or positive, reviews are always a learning opportunity and should be treated as such.

However, if you’re stuck for time and are unable to respond to all the reviews you need to, Vicinus can help you out. 

With machine learning for customer reviews, Vicinus gathers location-specific consumer insights and assists with review auto-respond to build customer trust in business.

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3. Optimise images in GMB

Creating a trusted brand image always starts with the visuals. Ensuring that your GMB listing has perfect images featured is one way to build trust with your customers. It can even entice them to buy from you or visit your store.

Google suggests that businesses that add photos to their GMB listings receive a total of 42% more driving directions in maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites.

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4. Google Maps is used for driving directions

As touched on above, Google Maps is used for driving directions through GMB listings. 

By managing your address on GMB, you’re more likely to attract foot traffic to your stores.

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5. GMB listing insights

Google My Business provides detailed information on how your customers found you online. 

For example, there will be insights showing how many calls your business has received based on the search results in Google as well as Google Maps too.

Not to mention, GMB allows customers to directly call your business from the Google Search results page too.

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6. Google as a ‘primary’ data source

Many data aggregators consider Google business as a ‘primary’ data source and are used by directory listing services such as and Yext. 

This means that Google My Business will also improve and validate your listings on other directories as well as on google itself.

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