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Simply the Best: Top 10 Vicinus Blog Posts of 2020

Starting our blog in 2020, we have delivered a total of 74 blogs since July! So, below are our top 10 blogs in 2020 that can help you develop your local search in 2021!

  1. Should you be worried about negative reviews?

Every business out there wants five-star reviews. Positive reviews show customers that your business is trustworthy and provides an excellent quality service.

So, of course, those reviews are beneficial. However, that’s not to say that negative reviews can’t benefit your business either.

2. Marketing During Covid |

Marketing during Covid has changed dramatically. In the past few months, the ever-changing atmosphere of the pandemic has changed the way businesses work, as well as how marketing works too. 

Greener suggests that:

“Every advertiser should have a local advertising budget dedicated to driving business on the ground…This type of methodology is as important for corporate marketing as it is for local store owners on the ground level; don’t wait for local franchisee to raise the flag if they aren’t seeing/feeling support.”

3. Local SEO Tips Service Area Businesses for 2021 |

With Covid-19 creating an ever-changing atmosphere for many businesses, it’s no wonder that local SEO is changing too.Promoting your physical brick-and-mortar brands can be difficult without an understanding of Google’s ever-changing guidelines.

It is still as important as ever with a grand total of:

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. Source: GoGulf

4. A Masterclass in GMB Attributes During Covid-19 |

Covid-19 has brought up many different problems in its wake, including issues regarding businesses and search. This means that GMB attributes have never been more important.GMB (Google My Business) experts had to act quickly during this time.

This was in order to help businesses react to these changes efficiently.Attributes were one of the first areas of Google search to change as a result of Covid-19. 

5. What is hyperlocal marketing?

Let’s say you’re out, you’re shopping and you really want a coffee but there’s no coffee shop in sight. You take out your phone and type into Google ‘coffee shops near me’. This is what is known as a hyperlocal search.

The prevalence of these types of searches has been increasing steadily since 2016 and they are now a frequent part of people’s everyday online activity.  Hyperlocal marketing, then, is the set of activities to target potential customers in geographically specific areas. 

6. Vicinus AI is revolutionising local search engine marketing

Vicinus, our hyperlocal marketing platform, utilises revolutionary AI to help businesses with their local search engine marketing. The platform combines several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features. T

hese include sentiment analysis, Google My Business image analysis and duplicate listing detection. But what does that actually mean and what do these tools do?

7. How to Rank in Google Maps |

Being found on Google Maps is crucial to any local marketing campaign. From maximising keyword rankings in Google maps and Map Packs, to optimising business listings, your business must continually nurture its business data, local landing pages, off-page visibility as well as online reputation too. 

8.What Factors Affect Local Google Rankings? | Vicinus

To rank in Google, your business must optimise a combination of different local SEO factors. This is because Google’s local algorithm relies on a variety of local search ranking factors.

However, as a result of this, it can sometimes be quite difficult to understand which areas of local SEO ranking for you to focus on in order to maximise your business in Google.

9. Search Intent: what is it and how to fulfil it?

In order for your business website to rank on Google, you need to be creating content which appeals to your customers and fulfils their search intent. 

This means you need to understand what your customers are searching and why they are searching it. That is what is known as search intent. Once you know this, you are able to better provide searchers with the information they want.  This is fulfilling search intent.

10. Responding to Customer Reviews Automatically |

Responding to customer reviews is a necessary part of building your business’s trust online. Not only will you be able to potentially help some previous customers of yours resolve problems, or just reassure them of your appreciation of them.

Additionally, potential customers are more likely to buy from your business if you have responded to previous reviews.

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Published by admin on January 11, 2021