Free Business Listing Site to Get Found: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn (Part 3) |

Published by admin on March 3, 2021

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Free Business Listing Site to Get Found: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn (Part 3) |

Following on from our previous blog post ‘Free Business Listing Site to Get Found: BBB & Angie’s List (Part 2) |’ and ‘Free Business Listing Site to Get Found: Yelp & Bing (Part 1) |’, here are some more free business listing sites that will help your business get found online.

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Facebook Business Listing

Facebook is a massive resource for business owners. With over 65 million local business pages available, Facebook is not only a great platform to build your business’s online visibility, but it can also create communities as well as get low-cost but high-reach local advertising.

How Do I Create a Facebook Business Page?

Creating a business page on Facebook is much easier than you think! Follow this link for a step-by-step guide.

However, in order to set up your Facebook business page, you may need to claim its unofficial listing first. As a result of this, sometimes the social network generates business listings based on all the available information about your business online.

A simple way to do this is by clicking on the “Is this your business?” button in order to claim your business on Facebook. Remember, you will have to verify your Facebook Business Listing by phone or with documents.

What if My Facebook Business Listing has no Unofficial Listings?

In this case, you will simply create a new Facebook Page and optimise it.

Remember to: 

  1. Use the same business name you have on other Business Listings and across the Internet, such as on Google My Business and more.
  2. Customise your URL with a brand keyword in order to rank for these keywords readily.
  3. Add a CTA button. This could be for calls, messages, emails, and other forms of calls to action.
  4. Generate recommendations and reviews to build up your online reputation and increase customer’s trust.

Instagram Business Listing

Instagram Business Listing

Instagram may not be a business listing platform, however, Social Pilot suggests that:

80% of Instagram users follow at least one business page’

And a massive:

‘72% of users claim to have purchased a product after seeing it on Instagram’

This means that Instagram can be a great platform to get your local business found online, just like Facebook.

How can I Optimise My Business for Instagram?

  • Keep your Instagram Page separate from your Facebook Business Page, or even your Facebook personal page
  • Switch your Instagram page to a business page (i.e. Professional Account). This will help you benefit from some different Instagram features specifically designed for businesses. This option can be accessed via Account Settings.
  • Use these categories given! 
  • Add links to your bio section
  • Use high-quality keyworded hashtags
  • Use the geo-tagging feature to appear in local SERPs.
  • Come up with a content strategy!

linkedin business listing

LinkedIn Business Listing

Although you may initially think that LinkedIn is a resource for job opportunities, the platform has become much more than that in recent years. 

As it is a platform designed for professionals, it’s perfect for bringing in those types of leads. LinkedIn brings in 80% of B2B social media leads to businesses.

How Do I Create a Business Profile on LinkedIn?

To do this, you will firstly need a personal LinkedIn account. After this, make sure that you are creating a business profile. To do this:

  1. Go to the ‘Work’ option
  2. Choose ‘Create a Company Page’
  3. Add in all the relevant information about your business and ensure that it is the same as the NAP information you have used on previous business listings.

How Can I Optimise My LinkedIn Profile?

  1. Choose the Correct Category: One of the easiest ways to optimise your LinkedIn business is to ensure that you choose the correct category for your business’s type and size.
  2. Choose a Custom Button: From this, you can choose a custom button for your viewers to follow, contact or call you.
  3. Use Keywords in Your Description: remember to use high-quality keywords in your description as well as making sure it is representative of your business too. 
  4. Add a Link to your Website
  5. The More Information, the Better: In general, the more information you include on your business’s LinkedIn website, the more views, follows, and contacts it will receive. This is because it will maintain its visibility as well as helping search engines to find it too,

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